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Certified cleaning to keep your business going

Closing your doors for any reason isn't good for business. Making your employees and customers feel safe best for business. Don't wait any longer in taking the steps needed to keep business going.


CT Cleaning is a family owned cleaning business with customer safety as top priority. We are nationally certified for:

  • Coronaviruses Cleaning

  • PPE, hazards and assessing risk

  • Disinfection Chemistry (EPA List N)

  • Engineering Controls

  • Infection Control and Prevention

  • Protocols and project documentation

There is high levels of liability to deliver these services. We have properly trained our employees to comply with the Pathogen Standard of Care and delivering best available practices to maintain employee safety and customer confidence.

For extra confidence, CT Cleaning is BONDED and INSURED to protect your business. Finding the right cleaning company to get your business up and running is a phone call away.

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